Teardrop Stones

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Teardrop Stones

Post  Tenebre on Mon Dec 10, 2012 7:36 am

Oh those lovely TD stones. How they make things better! But they can also complicate things. What is better, intelligence or m attack stones? And similar questions. Well here is a breakdown of what these stones actually give!

Agility Stone
45 Agility
54 Ranged P Attack
22.5 Evasion
4.5 Attack Speed

Chaser Stone
Ignore P. Defense +65.5
Ignore M Defense 46.2

Dexterity Stone
45 Dexterity
99 Ranged P Attack
22.5 P Accuracy
4.5 M Accuracy

Edge Stone
10.3 Critical Pow
3.2 Critical Ratio

Energy Stone
178 MP Recovery
71.2 M Defense

Hunter Stone
6.1 Attack Speed
6.1 Cast Speed
18.82 Evasion

Intelligence Stone
45 Intelligence
1350 Max MP
90 M Attack

Magical Stone
24.6 P Accuracy
24.6 M Accuracy
54.7 M Attack

Mentality Stone
45 Wisdom
18 M Accuracy
90 M Defense
22.5 M Resistance
184.5 MP Recovery

Penetrating Stone
38.2 P Penetration
27 M Penetration

Perfect Stone
194.8 Block Defense
0.8% Perfect Block Rate

Save Stone
41.7 P Defense

Strength Stone
45 Strength
126 Melee P Attack
450 Max Weight

Vitality Stone
45 Vitality
1485 Max HP
72 P Defense
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